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Proposal By Set-up Consulting, Israel

Key training company with expertise from the Israeli Air Force.

Creating the Best Leaders

Set-Up Consulting Ltd is a leading company in its field, operating in private, public and international organisations – and dedicated to the development and training of senior personnel in the armed forces.
Over the last 25 years we have challenged and shaped the spirit, mindset and the 
We build and create tailor-made training methodologies for military units while developing local trainers for the Air Force, Army and Navy of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF)

Our experienced trainers are high ranking ex-commanders from the IDF including air pilots, field marshals, navy commanders and technological leaders, as well as highly experienced facilitators and coaches from the disciplines of social and behavioural sciences

We offer theoretical knowledge with practical updated leadership experience in various battlefield conditions, combining the use of state of the art technology that leaders must manage in conflict

As a multi-faceted consultancy, we present leadership programs that align with the best and most updated programs derived from the academic, commercial and on-the-job training arena created from the IDF everyday experience

Why use Set-Up?

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) has for over 60 years been training elite commanders and leaders towards excellence and victory in facing successfully the ongoing challenges of a complex reality. Accordingly, Set-Up trains at the IAF flying schools, as well as other military and civilian organisations, to the aim of creating the very best leaders and commanders

What are the essential needs of commanders today?

In the 21st century, the challenge of commanders is to have flexible thinking, a fast response and the ability to reorganize and make serious decisions in real time

These skills and mental capabilities are what constitute an elite commander and leader. These abilities and others will enable a commander to plan and execute prime leadership competencies in unconventional battle situations, taking into account time, pressure, people and high technology factors, all at once

Leaders and commanders along the chain of command must become role models who are capable to recruit, motivate and engage their subordinates, whilst empowering and enhancing his or her professional skills

Military leaders today must excel in people retention thus keeping the best people in uniform, while growing and developing the next generation of commanders as well as civilian management

We educate and train the best

Israel, with a mere eight million people has known full scale war since its birth in 1948. The IDF has a strong track record in counter-attacking conventional armies and diffusing guerrilla regimes

While the Israeli army is outnumbered by the enemy, it has always stood victorious by virtue of the battle commanders who exhibit agility, bravery, creativity and the ability to surprise

The cornerstone of success

The cornerstone of the IDF’s success from the past and until the present day can be seen in its nurturing of the winning culture of its leaders whichisdeveloped from basic officer school and onwards

Commanders and military leaders are not created, but rather nurtured through a well-planned educational process that is grounded upon theoretical and empirical know-how

The IDF commanders are educated and trained in army schools by academic specialists instilling a culture of deep inquiry and creating a common language


Inspiring top human performance and excellence

 in commanders and leaders


Training participants in an air force to lead themselves and others is a powerful learning process, at the heart of which are the individuals themselves

.“True leaders bring out your personal best

.They ignite your human potential”. John Paul Warren

Equally, there is a direct line between our personal behavioural style and the output of what and whom we lead

:Main aim

The Set-Up BEST TRAINING FOR THE BESTprogram is designed to provide practical tools and soft skills training for commanders and leaders (as developed and applied in the training program of the IAF) to support and maximize ongoing success and excellence

:Accompanying aims

  • Building a participant learning group for the share and flow of knowledge and experience, in preparation and support of the individual and team learning processes during the program and following years
  •  Learning towards growth and development by leaving one’s comfort zone, based on the :principle
  • If you want to feel secure, do what you already know how to do. But if you want to grow, go to the cutting edge of your competence, which means a temporary loss of security
  •  So…whenever you do not quite know what you’re doing, know that you are growing
  • :PROGRAM OVERVIEW – 5 days

Day 1- Introduction and Building Collaborations

.Overview of the program aims

.Consolidating the participant learning group

.Establishing a "mind set" for effective learning

Providing a powerful "mirror" that inspires the need and will for personal growth (by using innovative reflection and simulations)

.Getting to know each other thoroughly, interpersonal sharing

  1. Day 2- Effective Communication
  3.  .Interpersonal communication skills
  4.  .Empowering feedback skills
  5.  .Communication under pressure, coping with stressful situations
  6.  .Case study on ‘under pressure’ based on IAF combat experience

Days 3 + 4- Learning beyond the Comfort Zone

.Experiential Learning – Leading individuals and teams

A series of varied and unusual practical group tasks and simulations led by the participants themselves, utilising the dimensions of cognitive, emotional and physical behavior, and according to the principles of the Experiential Learning

?Cycle: What – So What – So What Now

This will include the processing and feedback of insights gained, towards a deeper understanding of how to lead, empower and motivate effectively for excellent results and long lasting outstanding performance

Among the topics: Teamwork, motivation, conflict resolution, decision making, and more

Day 5 – Going Upward

  Leadership impact beyond authority; Inspiring others to action; Why we do what we do

End of programme performance efficacy evaluation

 Multi-dimentional feedback - including one-on-one, and group feedback between programme trainers and participants

 Summation and closure of the BEST TRAINING FOR THE BESTprogram, take-aways and a practical personal program for the first steps on the new way to exellence

:Graduates of our programs say

"On completion of the program I feel that I've received many practical tools. We experienced group activities which greatly contributed to me being a more talented commander". Lieutenant Colonel, F15 squadron leader

"This course has really given me new tools to become an efficient and responsive commander". General Avi, F16 squadron leader

"The significant thing I learnt from this program was how to make difficult decisions when under immense pressure". Major Haim, fighter pilot

:About the trainers

Igal forish

Doctor of Business Administration, organizational consultant, founder and owner of Set-Up Consulting Ltd, has served over the last few years as training manager for the Israeli Air Force’s School for Command and Leadership in the Jerusalem Hebrew University, and deputy manager of the Air Force’s School for Command and Leadership. Over 20 years of experience in the development of management and leadership programs and national expert in Experiential Learning workshops. Today, Igal lectures in management and leadership in academia and in many organizations and serves as an organizational consultant for companies. At this time he is developing Excellence programs, and programs for the development of senior command staffs in the Israeli Defence forces


Combat pilot (lieutenant colonel) with 27 years experience in training development, unique design and change implementation in organizations. Today serves as head of workshop development at Set-Up Consulting Ltd. In his many and roles in the Israeli Air Force and in the private sector he has specialized in content development and training programs, utilizing diverse disciplines. He is an expert in innovative training program development, integrating various means and technologies. In addition to his rich experience in the area of training, Tomer has diverse managerial and operational experience, including: Building and leading integrative work programs, administration and operational responsibility for missions, team management, human resource management, resource utilization and supervision of complex and multi-resource programs

:Paul Morris

Has worked extensively for more than 20 years in Israel and abroad, facilitating, consulting and coaching various organizations and their individuals, primarily in the fields of leadership, team and organizational development

He specializes in the “What?-So what?-So what now?” Experiential Learning Cycle, developing and facilitating workshops through the medium of tasks and simulations, group and individual activities designed to give full expression to the training needs and the learning requirements. His approach focuses upon the human factor as central and significant in the conception and maintenance of dynamic, healthy systems, including coping with emergency situations, stress and anxiety

Paul’s expertise and experience over the years include training for government and security institutions, the corporate sector, education frameworks, social and NGO frameworks

He has served in the Israeli Defence Forces, as an NCO in the Safety and Rescue Unit, with field experience as part of a rescue team in Turkey, earthquake, August 1999

 Email us at: info@setup-cdt.org